Attention: please make sure that you have filled in your study plan before registering for the language exams: the exam you have to take must appear in your study programme (in Esse3). If there is a case of exams taken irregularly, they will be considered invalid.

For the compilation of the study plan, you can consult what is published on the Infostudenti portal. In the download box you will find the identification codes of the language exams, which you will need to fill in the study plan.

Required language Competency

Curriculum forms for the first-level and second-level degrees (single cycle)
Curriculum form for second-level degrees


Students enrolled on the mathematics degree must pass:

  • an English A2 entry test. The test must be passed by the end of the first year of course.
  • an English B1 language exam in order to graduate
 Second-level degree in Mathematics

Students enrolled on the second-level degree in Mathematics must pass an English B2 language exam in order to graduate. 

Acknowledgement of language certificates

Students who have a language certificate acknowledge on an international level and by the University of Trento can send the certificate to the Ufficio Offerta Formativa e Gestione Studenti of their Department in order to be accredited the credits related to the exam, without the need to take the entry test/language exam for the first or second language

The certificate:

Language courses

CLA organises language courses for UniTN students, which are either free or affordable. Consider enrolling to one of the courses in order to improve your language level or to learn a new language.
Language courses