Enroll on the entrance tests

Please note: please make sure that you have filled in your study plan before registering for the language tests.

The tests you have to take must appear in your study programme (in Esse3). If there is a case of tests taken irregularly, they will be considered invalid. For the compilation of the study plan, you can consult what is published on the Infostudenti portal.

How to enroll on the entrance test

The registration to the entrance test is done on Esse3, by logging in with username and password.

To see the available dates for this academic year, please click on the section: Calendar of entrance tests and location.

Withdrawing from the test

In order to withdraw from the test, students must delete their registration on Esse3 no more than two days before the date of the test.

Candidates who are not present at the test but have not withdrawn cannot register for another round before thirty days.