Opening of the enrolments

Registration for CLA Entrance tests and Language exams starting in January 2023 opens at 00.00 on December 12th, 2022.

Registration for exams scheduled from 13th February onward will open 60 days prior to exam dates.

Enroll on the written language exams

Please make sure that you have filled in your study plan before registering for the language exams: the exam you have to take must appear in your study programme (in Esse3). If there is a case of exams taken irregularly, they will be considered invalid.

How to enroll

You can enroll on the exams by using your UniTN credentials, on MyCLA.

Enrollment on Esse3 is only for students of the Department of Economics and Management.

Special cases that require registration by email:

In the following cases, language exam enrollment can only be done by sending an email to

  • students who enrolled on the International Studies course up to 2020/2021, who want to register for the English B2 for specific purposes for International Studies, and who have already passed the General B2 exam and/or English C1;
  • students enrolled on interuniversity courses;
  • students enrolled on single courses;
  • enroll in exams included in the study plan as supernumerary;
  • students with special educational need who want to use the special measures for the exams (see dedicated section);

Withdrawing from the exam

In order to withdraw from the exam, you must delete their registration in MyCLA no more than two days before the date of the test.

Candidates who are not present at the exam, but have not withdrawn, cannot register for another round before 30 days

Enroll on the Speaking test

Students who have passed the writing task are registered ex officio to the speaking test. Your registration:

  • will be done ex officio by the day before the oral exam.

  • will be visible to you in Esse3 by logging into your reserved area and checking the booking board. On the booking board you will be able to see the time and venue of the oral exam

If you are unable to attend, you can ask to take the oral test at a later date (the oral exam must in any case be taken within 35 days of the date of the written exam).

Please note: students are responsible to check the booking board on Esse3 in order to have information about the time of their speaking test. CLA will not send any notification.