Tools for dealing with Language exams and Entry Tests.

Please find here some useful tips for preparing for the entry tests and for the language exams.
Students are advised NOT to postpone the language exams towards the end of their study programme, in order to be able to complete their degree on time.
A study by Cambridge Assessment English shows that in order to move from one level of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) to another, a student needs around 200 hours of study hours. This includes lessons as well as individual study time.

Language Courses

CLA organises language courses for students who need to pass the entry tests and/or language exams, with a choice of intensive courses, term-long courses, and online courses (only for English courses). The courses are free or available at affordable prices, and held by native-speaker-level teachers.

Tutoring service

Students can also access the tutorial service with language teachers from CLA, in order to receive advice on the appropriate language course for their needs, and help in general regarding exam preparation.


Finally, the CLA website provides a list of useful links for self-study.