With the coming into effect of the Integration Agreement of 10 March 2012, every foreign national who entered into Italy and applied for a stay permit for a period of more than 12 months had to undertake to study the Italian language to a level equal to that of A2 CEFR, as well as a sufficient knowledge of civic culture and civil life in Italy.

Now this is no longer mandatory in as much as the Integration Agreement is no longer in place for Trento University.

Nonetheless, in accordance with the International Cooperation and Agreements Department, the Scientific Committee of the University Language Centre - CLA has established that students and doctoral students of this university who are NOT FROM EUROPEAN UNION MEMBER STATES, who remain in Trento for at least 12 months and who have already previously signed The Integration Agreement according to art. 6 of the Italian Presidential Decree n°. 179/2011, have in any case the right to an L2 Italian language course free of charge for each level up to and including A2b, even if achieving A2 level is no longer compulsory.

Students and doctoral students who have the aforementioned requirements have to present the signed Agreement to the CLA Secretary’s Office  CLA when they enrol on a course.