The University Language Centre (called CLA in Italian) has three main responsibilities in the area of foreign languages:

  1. offering undergraduate and doctoral students a high level of education which meets the needs of their university curriculum, thus facilitating their entry into the world of work;
  2. assessing their knowledge of foreign languages;
  3. increasing their chances, firstly, of studying abroad at international universities, and, secondly, giving rise to future professional opportunities worldwide as a result.

The University Language Centre is therefore a service provider which organizes and coordinates language teaching and learning for students at both level I and II, as well as the doctoral degree programs of the University off Trento.

The Centre organizes language courses for its own enrolled undergraduates and postgraduates, doctoral students and those participating in international exchange programs as well as university staff. Furthermore, wherever possible, it provides training to public and private bodies and/or individuals through the stipulation of agreements aimed at fulfilling the educational requirements of its users.