CLA language courses, taught by mother-tongue speakers, give you the chance to learn a foreign language with an emphasis on communicative methods as well as learning about intercultural aspects by fostering an authentic use of the foreign language, thus motivating students’ active participation. 

During the course of lessons you can develop both your receptive skills (understanding, listening and reading) and your productive skills, (writing, speaking and interacting with others) through role playing real situations, supported by authentic audio and video teaching materials in order to make your language production more fluent and accurate.

For this reason, all courses are taught exclusively in the target foreign language, even those for absolute beginners, because this is the only way to become fluent in as little time as possible.

The specialized language courses, however, offer an introduction to so-called “microlinguistics” or domain expertise aimed at learning the specific terminology of science, law and sociology.

Here you can find a list of online resources for language learning: