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We organize courses in Italian Language and Culture to develop foreign students’ linguistic and intercultural skills with the aim of helping them to integrate into the Italian social and academic context.

Who are courses aimed at?

  • Erasmus students and those from other international exchange programmes (e.g. double degree programmes or bilateral agreements, etc.);
  • doctoral students, researchers, visiting professors;
  • foreign students enrolled at Trento University;
  • students enrolled at Trento and Riva Conservatoire;
  • private non-university students 

What types of course can I choose?

What teaching methods are used?

Our teachers favour a communicative approach to learning, encouraging students to actively participate in lessons.  

Students can therefore widen their linguistic knowledge while fully developing their receptive skills (understanding, listening and reading), and productive skills (writing, speaking and interacting in the Italian language).

These skills are developed by role playing real situations to help make students’ linguistic expression more spontaneous and confident.
For this reason courses are held exclusively in Italian, even courses for absolute beginners A1a / A1), because only through full immersion can students manage to make rapid progress in learning a foreign language.

Final tests and certificates

At the end of every course there is an end of course test which is without a final mark, but on a “pass/fail” basis.

Students can take the end of course test only if they have attended at least 75% of lessons (this means they can miss a maximum of 4 lessons on extensive courses and 3 lessons on intensive ones).

Only for incoming students: the Language Centre Secretary’s Office will not issue a certificate for having passed the course, but the result will be inserted into the student’s  “Transcript of Records”, if included in the Learning Agreement.
Students may in any case ask their teacher, before the end of the course, for a certificate with a mark out of 30, to be collected from the CLA Secretary’s Office.




If you reach an A2 level (CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), at the end of your learning career path, you can obtain an Open Digital Badge (a digital certificate). The ODB is issued to whoever attended and passed the final exams for A2 or A2b Italian courses. More information about ODB here: What is an ODB?




Interviews with students who attended CLA courses

Multimedial course in Italian for foreign students

The Language Centre, in collaboration with the E-learning Service of the University of Trento, has designed some multimedial modules addressed to the international students. The simple and useful information in the modules has been designed to help them to be at ease into University life in the context of Trentino. The modules are also an easy and funny way for them to start learning Italian.

First of all, if you are not an University of Trento student, you have to create your own credentials, clicking here: LIVING TRENTO , going to the "EXTERNAL USER - NEW REGISTRATION" part and creating your ACCOUNT. Then you can access the course, by clicking again here: LIVING TRENTO .