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Extensive courses consist of two lessons per week of two hours each for about two and a half months (each course lasts 37.5 hours or 50 “academic” hours).

When are the courses held?

From October to December and from March to May at Mesiano

1st cycle from 2 October to 13 December 2023

(excluding: 1st November and 8th December 2023)

Duration: 11 weeks

Lessons: 2 lessons per week of 2 hours each

Languages: English

Levels: B1a, B2a

Timetable and levels: available at Calendar and course timetables from 15 September 2023

For English even blended specialist courses are organised in the 1st cycle. Check HERE to see which courses are offered. 

2nd cycle from 4 March to 23 May 2024

(From 28th March to 3th April inclusive, 25th and 26th April, 1st May 2024)

For English only blended courses are organised in the 2nd cycle. Check HERE which courses are offered. 

You have to buy the course book before the beginning of the course: the list of course books is available in the Downloads box where you will also find the CLA language learning levels and the syllabus for each level.