If you want to follow a language course and you have already studied the language chosen then you have to take an online placement test (but if you are a complete beginner you do not have to take the test).
For Chinese, Portuguese and Arabic the test is not yet available.

What is the placement test and how does it work?

The test is designed to establish your level in the language. For each correct answer you gain one point, for each wrong answer you lose a point and if you leave a question blank you get no points. For the test in French, headphones are necessary for the listening part.

The test lasts at most 50 minutes, depending on the language, and you can take it up until the day you enrol (but we advise you to take it as soon as you can).

The test lasts for 6 months and you can only take it again two months after the last time you took it.

During the first few lessons it may happen that the teacher notices that you are in the wrong class for your level and will advise you to move up or down a level accordingly.

How do I access the test?

If you are a student at Trento University you you log in with your university username and password.
If you are not a student at Trento University you need to apply for access to the services of the University Language Centre (CLA) by filling in the online form 

Once you have filled in and sent the form, you will receive an email within three working days from the CLA Secretary’s Office, which describes the procedure to be followed to access MyCLA.

Take the test