When is the result of the tests taken communicated and where do I find it?

Written exam

  • Reading test: you will see the outcome immediately at the end of the test. 
  • Listening test: as for the Reading, you will see the outcome immediately at the end of the test. . 
  • Writing task: the Writing task is checked and marked by a Language teacher (CEL), therefore the outcome will be published from Tuesday, the week following the written exam. In order to see your result you shall check on MyCLA.

Please note: only for DEM Bachelor students taking the English B1 PSPO test, the outcome of the Writing task is published on Esse3.

Oral exam

If you passed the Speaking test, the entire language proficiency test is completed and passed. Within two to three days of the PO, the teacher will verbalize your exam on Esse3. You won't receive any email of notice.

If you did not pass the Speaking test, the teacher will notify you by email.

What in case of failing?

Written Exam

If one of the parts of the computer-based exam (Listening, Reading, Writing) is not passed, the student will be able to repeat all of the exam after a 60-day period.

Please note: students of the single-cycle degree and Master degree in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering can repeat the exam for English B2 for Specific Purposes 30 days after their first attempt.
There is no maximum number of attempts.

Oral exam

If students do not pass the Speaking exam, they may have a second attempt at this part of the exam, repeating only the Speaking exam.  Students in these circumstances need to send an email to esamicla@unitn.it , and request to be registered for the next round of Speaking exams.

Please note: the Speaking exam must be taken within 35 days after the pass date of the Writing exam, including any second attempt at the Speaking exam.
If a student fails the second attempt at the Speaking exam,  he or she will have to repeat all four parts of the exam after a 60-day period from the last failed attempt.

How to receive information about a failed exam

In order to receive information on the reasons why a student failed a part of the exam, CLA has a tutorial service with the CLA language teachers (CEL).