Registration for the entrance tests and language exams with special measures

In order to access the entrance tests and language exams with the special measures above, and to access the specialized tutoring service, students must first contact the Disability and Special Needs Office.

How to register

In order to register on the entrance test and language exams at CLA with the special measures for SEN students, students need to send a request to and provide the following information:

  1. Student registration number;
  2. Language and level of the relevant test or exam;
  3. The measures they would like to take advantage of among the available options;

Please note: this request must be sent at least 3 weeks before the date of the exam.

Tutoring for SEN students

SEN student can use an individual tutorial service, which provides:

  • An initial meeting with a tutor for the relevant language with the aim of identifying the specific needs of the student, and providing an ad-hoc study plan for the exam.
  • A series of meetings (maximum four) to be agreed between the tutor and the student, based on the needs that have been identified in the first meeting.

How to access the service

For each SEN student, their needs - in terms of exactly what measures they have the right to - need to be defined.  Students need to contact the Disability and Special Needs Office. Once the appropriate measures have been agreed upon, students can book an appointment for a specific tutorial.
Please note: booking closes one week before the first appointment.

Documents required for the first meeting

Students need to bring the following documents for their first tutorial meeting:

  1. A form indicating the measures previously defined and agreed upon;
  2. Declaration of SEN status;
  3. A personalized study plan provided by the student’s high school (if they have one);


The tutorial meetings are held in the Tutorial room at CLA (Via Verdi 8), on the second floor.

Take an appointment

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